Fees and Charges

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Fees payable by the tenant

In addition to the monthly rent, we charge the following fees:

  • Deposit – per property
    A deposit equal to five weeks (35 days) rent, payable when signing the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Late payment of rent
    14 days after the due date we will charge interest at a rate of 3% of the monthly rent per day until the rent is received.

Fees payable by the landlord

Please visit the Property Management page to see a full list of services available under let only and full management.

  • Tenant reference Fee – per person
    £32 + VAT (£38.40 inc VAT). This covers the cost of all reference checks to ensure that the tenant(s) are suitable to move in. The fee is payable once an offer by a tenant has been accepted.
  • Commission – per property
    8% of the annual rent + VAT (9.6% inc VAT) for the let only service. This includes our time spent in undertaking viewings, referencing tenants, preparing the Tenancy Agreement and collecting the initial rent and deposit.
    10% of the annual rent + VAT (12% inc VAT) for the full management service.
    15% of the annual rent + VAT (18% inc VAT) for overseas landlords for the full management service.
  • Full Management Service
    The full management service includes collecting the monthly rent, arranging annual safety checks and certificates and dealing with day-to-day issues. We will seek your approval prior to instructing contractors for repairs that are between £200 to £1,000. For major repair works over £1,000 an additional fee of 10% + VAT (12% inc VAT) of the invoice will be charged.
  • Tenancy Deposit Holding Fee – per property, per annum
    £30 + VAT (£36 inc VAT) is payable on 1st July each year which covers the cost to register and hold the deposit.
    £100 + VAT (£120 inc VAT) is payable on 1st July each year for landlords with 10 or more properties.
  • Initial Inventory Fee – per property
    £100 + VAT (£120 inc VAT) is payable for a professional inventory which lists the condition of your property and its furnishings (where applicable) at the start of the tenancy. Subsequent inventories are included in the management fee.
  • Check Out Fee – per property – only applicable on tenancy deposit disputes
    £60 + VAT (£72 inc VAT) is payable at the end of the tenancy to check the tenant(s) out against the initial inventory.
  • Abortive Tenancy Fee – per property
    6% + VAT (7.2% inc VAT) of the annual rent is payable if you inform us that you do not wish to proceed with the tenancy once we have found you a suitable tenant.
  • Purchase of the Property by the Tenant Fee – on completion of the sale
    1.5% + VAT (1.8% inc VAT) of the purchase price is payable if the property is sold to the tenant or a connected person during, or within 12 months of the expiration of the tenancy.