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Protect your investment – pre-purchase and pre-lease surveys

Before becoming responsible for a commercial or residential property, it is essential to assess the current condition and be aware of all potential maintenance issues.  Surveys are a ‘health check’ for buildings and can potentially save you thousands of pounds in costly repair bills. 

Our experienced surveyors undertake a visual inspection of all accessible parts of the property with the aim to establish how the property is built and advise on future maintenance and report on the condition of the building’s fabric and finishes. Our report includes detailed information on the condition, visible defects, potential problems and considers environmental issues. Advice is given on implications of any significant defects and the estimated cost of remedial work.

Commercial Properties

Owner occupiers and landlords benefit from pre-purchase surveys and any disrepair should be appropriately reflected in the purchase price. Where complex services and drainage installations exist, we can advise on the right specialist consultant to provide more in-depth information to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Where a tenant is taking on a premises, their Lease will make them responsible for repairing and redecorating works. A pre-lease survey will provide information on the condition of the existing property as well as providing essential advice reflecting the terms of the Lease.

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Abestos Roof
Leaking Gutter

Schedule of Condition

Tenants may seek to limit their repairing liability in a new lease by reference to a Schedule of Condition. This records the condition of the property at commencement of the tenancy and when correctly referenced to the Lease covenants, can limit liability with regard to future dilapidations. We prepare comprehensive, written Schedules of Condition cross referenced with photographs for inclusion in the Lease.

Residential Properties

You should choose a detailed building survey if you are considering purchasing a large, old (pre-dating 1945) or run-down property, an unusual or substantially altered house or if you are planning major works. We have extensive experience in listed buildings and are found on The Listed Property Owners’ Club (LPOC) directory for surveys. Unfortunately, we do not carry out RICS Homebuyer Reports/Level 2 Surveys nor any valuations under the Government Help to Buy scheme.

The correct survey now could protect your investment and save you a considerable amount of money in the long term.
Our RICS qualified Chartered Surveyors, who have many years of experience carrying out a variety of surveys, can help before you take on a building.