Permitted Development Rights

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Building works without planning permission

In addition to widening the use classes, the Government also keeps revising the permitted development rights to properties. As a result, it is now possible to make significant changes to your old farm buildings, commercial premises or vacant properties without the need for planning permission.

It is advisable to regularly check with the experts on what changes are in place and how you can benefit from them.

What are Permitted Development Rights?

Permitted Development Rights enable the change of use of your property without the need to submit a full planning application but instead, a lesser amount of information to the Local Planning Authority to obtain Prior Approval.

Recent successful applications from barn to dwellings through Permitted Development Rights

What are some of the key changes to Permitted Development Rights introduced recently?

The Government has recently broadened the scope of Permitted Development Rights and where the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential dwellings is concerned, there is an opportunity to take advantage of the increase in the floor area and the number of units permitted. In the case of new agricultural buildings, there has also been a significant increase in the permitted floor space.  

Subject to submitting an application for prior approval, it is also now possible to demolish vacant office and light industrial buildings and build dwellings in their place.

Upward extensions to existing buildings to create flats are now possible subject to certain limitations.

What do I need to know before I apply?

Where Prior Approval is required from the council, you must ensure that the proposed development passes the criterion set out by national legislation. If the criteria are not fully satisfied, the proposal would not be Permitted Development and would require a full planning application.

We have growing experience in guiding a number of our clients through the Permitted Development Rights process and can help you explore your options.

We have particular expertise in advising on the reuse of agricultural buildings. They need not be redundant or derelict – instead they need only be surplus to your own requirements. We can then help make your case through the Prior Approval process aiming to achieve the best possible result for your property.