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Guiding you through a purchase

Finding and buying a suitable property can be a difficult and time-consuming process, particularly in a buoyant market. Our acquisitions service is designed to find the right property for your requirements, negotiate the best deal and then guide you through the purchase process.

In today’s market many properties are sold without ever being publically marketed. With our market knowledge and extensive range of contacts we can give you access to these properties to try and secure an off-market deal. Once a suitable property has been found our expert negotiators will utilise their specialist knowledge of the market aiming to secure the best deal for you.

Our experienced professionals are familiar with all aspects of rural property and will ensure that you are properly advised on such matters as planning, tenancies, subsidies and rights of way. We will work with your legal team to ensure that the purchase proceeds as smoothly as possible through to completion.

We also have access to specialist funding for rural properties – see our dedicated Rural Business Finance page for further details.