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Helping add certainty to your planning application

As the planning process becomes ever more collaborative, local planning authorities urge applicants to formally engage with them prior to the submission of any planning application. This helps provide a greater level of certainty once a proposal is submitted which in turn helps streamline the application process, resulting in a quicker and more predictable outcome.

At Robinson & Hall we regularly make best use of pre-application discussions to help remove as much risk as possible from our clients’ future planning proposal. The value of this process is often enhanced by our strong relationship with local planning authority officers who in our experience provide us with constructive and targeted advice on how to amend schemes to increase the likelihood of planning permission.

As part of our pre-application service, our in-house design team will produce well thought-out plans and, where appropriate, concept drawings to support your enquiry. We will then liaise with the local planning authority on your behalf and provide you with clear advice on next steps, at which point we can assist you in preparing your full submission.

The pre-application enquiry route also offers a more cost-effective approach in so far as it provides guidance on the chances of success in advance of committing higher expenditure at the (detailed) application stage.