Change of use without a full planning application

Sometimes a full planning application is not always required to secure the change of use of your property but the submission of the right information to the local planning authority is. It is now possible to make significant changes to your old farm buildings, commercial premises or vacant properties without the need for planning permission due to Permitted Development Rights. Such permitted changes include the conversion of a wide range of buildings to new homes, adding significant value to buildings that may otherwise lie vacant.

Other change of uses can be achieved depending on certain criteria and what the use is changing from, including:

  • Retail, restaurant or cafĂ©
  • Assembly and leisure including dance hall, gym and cinema
  • Flexible commercial uses
  • Education facilities and nurseries

We have growing experience in guiding a number of our clients through the Permitted Development Right process and can help you explore your options. We have particular expertise in advising on the reuse of agricultural buildings. They need not be redundant or derelict - instead they need only be surplus to your own requirements. We can then help make your case through the Prior Approval process aiming to achieve the best possible result for your property.

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