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Help – I need to make a building insurance claim
20 January 2021

If your property has been affected following the recent inclement weather, it can be a very traumatic and stressful experience.

For any significant claim following a fire, flood or structural damage, your insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster and their own surveyors to investigate the details of the damage and manage the claims process. However, many people do not realise that they can employ their own surveyor to manage the reinstatement works on their behalf. These costs, along with all other reasonable expenses, are included under their claim. Assuming you are adequately insured, it will not cost you a penny to get impartial, qualified, quality advice and management for the duration of the insurance reinstatement works.

Why choose Robinson & Hall?

  • We are professionally obliged to undertake projects diligently and must have the resources and capacity to fulfil a project. Many insurance companies often have many projects on the go at any one time over a large geographical area. They do not have the time to provide a tailored, bespoke service to each project. Consequently, they cannot provide the same attention to detail, often missing important elements critical to the smooth completion of the project.
  • We provide a fully accountable service which is efficient and detailed at all stages of the project. We also understand the stress and upheaval caused by events such as flooding, fire or structural impact damage and endeavour to provide swift reinstatement of your property.
  • We have a vast array of experience dealing with all types of property, especially historic and unique buildings.
  • We can react quickly and organise any emergency works to make the property safe and secure. We can arrange installation of any necessary de-humidification or specialist equipment.
  • We can advise upon local contractors to tender for the reinstatement works. As long as the contractor’s bid is competitive, the policyholder is able to appoint the builder they feel most comfortable with.
  • As experienced chartered surveyors, we arrange appropriate inspections and contract administration services to reinstate the damage to enable you to move back in.
  • Assuming you are adequately insured, our fees will be included in your claim. Typically, you will only be responsible for any excess under the terms of your policy.

Should you have the misfortune of suffering a significant insurance claim, I recommend you appoint an independent chartered building surveyor to oversee the reinstatement works.

If you choose to appoint Robinson & Hall, you can be sure that you are using a qualified construction professional, who understands the construction industry and has you and your building’s best interests as our primary concern.

If your loss adjuster has asked you to find a surveyor, or if you would like to exercise your right to appoint your own surveyor to work on your behalf, we can help.

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