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Changes to Permitted Development Rights
28 June 2023

With the growth in the market of short term lets of a room or rooms in a residential property through Airbnb and other such companies, has led the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to hold a consultation on the introduction of a new use class and associated permitted development rights. The consultation has now closed but it covered the following areas:

  1. The introduction of a new use class for short term lets.
  2. The potential introduction of new permitted development rights for the change of use from a house to a short term let.
  3. The potential introduction of a new permitted development right for the change of use from a short term let to a house.
  4. How flexibility for homeowners to let out their home for a number of nights in a calendar year could be provided through either changes to the house use class or an additional permitted development right.
  5. The introduction of a planning application fee for the development of new build short term lets.

We expect that if the proposal succeeds, it will come with a raft of qualifying criteria to be satisfied first before enjoying the permitted development rights. Nevertheless, the new use class will provide an opportunity for property owners to explore new investment options for their property.

Please note that local planning authorities have the right to withdraw permitted development rights and so, if the new use class and associated permitted development rights do come in, it is important to act quickly before this happens. We will update you once any announcements have been made.

If you would like more information on the above or would like to find out how our Planning & Development team can help you take advantage of the changes being introduced to the planning system, please contact Abel Bunu, Principal Planner on 01234 362891 or David Sawford, Head of Planning on 01234 362909.

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