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Residential Landlords – top checks for houses in the winter
2 December 2020

Jennifer Holbrow, Head of Residential Lettings, provides the following advice for looking after your property during the winter months.

Tips for looking after your heating system:

  • Run the heating regularly
    It is understandable that some of you will be a little reluctant to do this when you feel your home is warm enough. An uncertain economic climate means many people will be looking to cut down on their bills. However, performing this task can prove cost-effective in the long run, as running your heating will make sure the system is working at its most efficient level by keeping the boiler pump free of any grit. You should run it at different times throughout the year to make sure everything is working as it should be.
  • Keep your boiler free from blockages
    Leaving items that block parts of your boiler can be a particular cause of problems for your system. This is easy to address, as you simply refrain from leaving anything by the setup that might pose an issue. For instance, make sure you leave the appliance uncovered and don’t block off any of the air vents. You should also check to ensure there isn’t anything obstructing the outside flues.
  • Don’t let the system freeze
    With particularly cold days and nights comes the risk that the system might freeze. If pipes do freeze, the whole boiler system may stop working properly. And while a heating engineer should be called to deal with any problems of this nature, you could always try pouring hot water on the frozen pipe or placing a hot water bottle over it.

If your property is empty then ensure the following:

  1. Ensure the heating is on a timer or the system is drained down
  2. Make sure that all locks, including windows, are locked 
  3. Make sure all light bulbs are working, particularly when viewings are taking place 
  4. Put your lights on timers as this shows activity in the house as the nights draw in
  5. Organise for someone to visit the house regularly

For further information or to find out how our Residential Lettings department can help you, please contact Jennifer Holbrow on 01234 362906 / 07876 835832 or email

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