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Rents are rising…
6 December 2023

New statistics show that average rents across the country have risen sharply with demand outstripping supply, resulting in record rents for landlords. Average rents across the country have risen to £1,278 per calendar month outside of London, which now means on average rents have increased by 10% from last year.

Robinson & Hall has found that many tenants are relocating from London to live in rural areas for lifestyle reasons, being able to work from home being one of the main factors. This therefore results in them being able to afford a better property than they would have if they stayed in the region.

Is your property winter ready?

With winter around the corner, we have made it our priority to inspect the properties we manage to ensure they are winter ready. We have supplied tenants with maintenance advice to minimise the risk of issues arising, in addition to keeping the landlord informed of the condition of their property by supplying a detailed inspection report.

Checklist for landlords during the winter months:

  • Blocked guttering and downpipes – the guttering system should not be showing any signs of cracks or leaks and should be clear of debris, allowing water in the guttering to flow freely. If water penetrates the brickwork, this could lead to damp and damage to the masonry.
  • Roofs – missing, broken tiles and damaged flashing can result in damage to the building, potentially incurring costly redecoration works.
  • Pipework – a pipe can burst when a section of the pipe freezes causing water pressure to build up. To prevent flooding and dampness, we suggest insulating the pipes and keeping the heating on low to reduce the risk.
  • Radiators – we advise tenants to bleed the radiators as there may be trapped air inside. Releasing the air allows the radiator to fully heat up and gives the property the best chance of warming up. It will also save money on energy bills.
  • Boilers – Robinson & Hall will notify the landlord each year when the gas safety check is due. We also recommend a service is undertaken at the same time.

Included within our managed service, we supply tenants with an out of hours emergency telephone number, which is monitored by a member of our knowledgeable lettings team, meaning all emergency issues can be dealt with swiftly.

For more information or to book a no obligation lettings appraisal to find out what rent your property could achieve, please call me.

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