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Changes to Countryside Stewardship Payment Rates
25 January 2022

The Rural Payments Agency has recently announced changes to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme payment rates, effective from 1st January 2022.

If you have an agreement, or an application for an agreement which starts on or before 1st January 2022 then where the payment rate has:

  • increased, the new rate will be paid
  • decreased, the existing rate shown on the agreement will be paid
  • not changed, the existing rate shown on the agreement will be paid

For new agreements starting from 1st January 2023, all the new payment rates will apply.

The main payment rate changes are as detailed below:

Revenue OptionRevenue Option TitleOld Rate (£)Rate for agreements starting on or before 1st Jan 2022 (£)Rate for agreements starting on or after 1st Jan 2023 (£)
AB1Nectar flower mix511579579
AB2Basic overwinter stubble848458
AB6Enhanced overwinter stubble436493493
AB8Flower rich margins and plots539628628
AB9Winter bird food640640640
AB12Supplementary winter feeding for farmland birds632657657
AB15Two year sown legume fallow522569569
BE3Management of hedgerows899
GS2Permanent grassland with very low inputs (outside SDAs)95132132
GS4Legume and herb-rich swards309358358
HS2Take historic and archaeological features currently on cultivated land out of cultivation425459459
SW14 – 6m buffer strip on cultivated land353419419
SW412 – 24m watercourse buffer strip on cultivated land512578578

The full list of changes can be found here.

There are no plans for the payment rates for capital items to be changed.

For more information or to find out how our Rural Property & Business department can help you, please contact 01234 352201 or email  

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