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Who is responsible for Council tax? The landlord or tenant?
26 September 2016

Assured Shorthold Tenancies, the most common type of residential tenancy stipulate that the tenant(s) are responsible for the Council tax during the tenancy. However what happens if the tenant leaves without the contract being formally ended? The council tax must still be paid and the responsibility could fall to the landlord.

In recent cases where the end date of the tenancy can not be proved it was argued that the landlord will be responsible for the council tax once the tenant had vacated. At Robinson & Hall we arrange end of tenancy inspections and personally take back the keys. We are therefore able to provide the council with signed agreement from the tenant stating their tenancy end date. This way the tenant cannot claim they did not have full use of the property up to the checkout date.

With regular changes in rules and regulations, landlords need to be very aware of what they require from the tenant to not get caught out. Using an agent can help avoid these pitfalls.

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