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In 2018, the Government began to undertake consultations regarding the use of exemption licences at permitted waste sites, with the aim of improving operator competence standards at such sites and reducing the use of the exemptions to cover illegal activity. The consultations raised a series of amendments to be made to the key exemptions that were deemed to encourage poor environmental practice or illegal activity. The proposed reforms make changes to storage limits on waste, the waste that can be used for specific exemptions and to remove some exemptions all together.

Some reforms have already been implemented, such as disallowing multiple exemption licences to be applied for on one site. Further reform on waste records now requires waste operators (i.e. those with a waste exemption licence or environmental permit) to keep electronic records of storage and movement and to provide these on demand.

The new reforms are proposed to come into force in autumn 2024, although a formal date has not yet been released. Each exemption has a specific transition period, setting a period in the months following the reform implementation by which waste operators must conform with the changes. The transition period applies to existing licences and licences registered in the transition period. For those exemptions that are due to be removed, waste operators will be required to apply for an environmental permit to continue these activities.

The table below details the changes to the individual exemptions:

ExemptionReformTransition Period (months)
U1 – Use of Waste in ConstructionChange to waste codes Name change  12
U16 – Using Depolluted End-of-Life Vehicles for Parts  Removal of exemption3
T4 – Preparatory Treatment of Waste by Baling, Sorting, Shredding, Pulverising, Densifying, Crushing, Granulating or Compacting It  Change to storage conditions Name change6
T6 – Treatment of Waste Wood and Waste Plant Matter by Chipping, Shredding, Cutting or PulverisingChange to storage conditions Name change6
T8 – Mechanically Treating End-of-Life Tyres  Removal of exemption3
T9 – Recovering Scrap Metal  Removal of exemption3
T11 – Repairing or Refurbishing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment  Additional fee for licenceN/A
T12 – Manually Treating Waste  Changes to storage conditions6
T21 – Recover Waste at Waste Water Treatment Works  Change to waste codesN/A
D7 – Burning Waste in the Open  Change to waste codes Name change12
S1 – Store Waste in Secure Containers  Change to storage conditions Change to waste codes12
S2 – Temporary Storage of Waste at a Secure Site Pending Recovery Elsewhere  Change to storage conditions Change to waste codes12
S3 – Storing Sludge  Change to volume of waste required for exemptionN/A

For further information on the waste exemption regulation reforms, please contact Emily.