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As construction activity has surged in 2021, the availability of some materials has become extremely difficult. Many contractors are reporting issues regarding purchasing critical materials such as steel, cement, timber, roof tiles and plasterboard.

High levels of global demand have resulted in shortages in the UK, which is directly affecting availability and lead times and consequently many material costs are rising. Builders’ merchants and suppliers are warning that the situation is going to get worse before it gets better. If you are thinking about embarking on your own project then think carefully over the materials you wish to incorporate and order these in reasonable time wherever possible. If you have a completion deadline to meet, ensure you commence works sooner rather than later and factor in for expected delays. It would be advisable to enter into a suitable contract with your builder which makes provision for fluctuations in material prices and covers potential delays. Many solicitors are expecting a surge of disputes between property owners and contractors as tensions rise over delays.

It is a familiar story we have already experienced with one of our current projects in South Bedfordshire. With careful planning we have managed to keep delays to a minimum. However, it is still running late due to additional delays with delivering facing bricks (up to a staggering 12 weeks) and roof tiles (up to 9 weeks) causing issues with the contract programme. Many of the delays are outside the clients’ and contractors’ control but, with our close project management, things are just about on track. Having started earlier enough in the year, the works are still on course for the clients to move in for Christmas.

The project will provide clients with an ‘upside down house’ to take advantage of the great open countryside views to the rear. By reconfiguring the roof and internal arrangement, we have managed to create additional floor area which was previously unused loft space. We are also incorporating an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive which will enable the clients to benefit from a Government incentive to get paid for heating their own home from a renewable source.

If you are looking to develop your property and incorporate green technology in your building project, please contact Robert Franklin, Head of Architecture & Building Surveying, on 01234 362917 or email rjf@robinsonandhall.co.uk