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The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has launched a new Rural England Prosperity Fund (REPF), which offers grants to fund capital projects for small businesses and community infrastructure. The grant is worth £110 million and runs alongside existing DEFRA schemes, such as the Farming Investment Fund to acknowledge and assist with the specific challenges that rural areas often face.

The funding has been allocated to eligible local authorities and will be available from April 2023 to March 2025. The funding must be spent on capital projects in rural areas (i.e. buildings or equipment) for business or community purposes, in order to improve rural productivity. 

For the purposes of the grant, a rural area is defined as:

1. Towns, villages and hamlets with populations below 10,000 and the wider countryside

2. Market or ‘hub’ towns with populations of up to 30,000 that serve their surrounding rural areas as centres of employment and in providing services

Example projects which could be funded include food processing equipment, converting farm buildings to other uses or rural tourism diversification such as event venues.

Some of the indicative local authority allocations are detailed below:

Local AuthorityAllocation
Central Bedfordshire£1,061,854
North Northamptonshire£1,161,812
West Northamptonshire£1,367,953

The REPF submission window will be open from 3rd October to 30th November 2022, with the date of approval for funding proposals expected to be in January 2023. The REPF will start supporting investments from 1st April 2023 and the local authorities must allocate all funding by 31st March 2025.

A link to the REPF prospectus, which provides further details can be found here.

For more information or to find out how our Rural Property & Business department can help you please contact 01234 352201 or 01280 428010 or email bedford@robinsonandhall.co.uk

The Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants Scheme opened on 9th February 2021 and combines the Water Quality grant with the Hedgerows and Boundaries grants with a much wider range of options.

It is a two year grant directed towards capital works in three categories, these being boundaries, trees and orchards; water quality and air quality. The primary aim of the grant is to deliver environmental benefits across these three areas and allows those not in Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier or under a wildlife offer to access capital grants. In addition, if you are in Countryside Stewardship but you did not include all your fields and farm buildings, you may still be eligible.

There are 67 capital items available in the scheme including sheep fencing next to environmental features, and the total amount of funding has been increased from £10,000 to £60,000, although there is a limit of £20,000 per category.  

Some items will need approval from a Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer (CSFO) before an application can be submitted which need to be applied for by the 19th March. These items are as follows:

RP4Livestock and machinery hardcore tracks
RP13Yard – underground drainage pipework
RP14Yard inspection pit
RP15Concrete yard renewal
RP17Storage tanks underground
RP18Above ground tanks
RP19First flush rainwater diverters and downpipe filters
RP20Relocation of sheep dips and pens
RP21Relocation of sheep pens only
RP22Sheep dip drainage aprons and sumps
RP23Installation of livestock drinking troughs (in draining pens for freshly dipped sheep)
RP24Lined biobed plus pesticide loading and washdown area
RP25Lined biobed with existing washdown area
RP27Sprayer or applicator load and washdown area
RP28Roofing (sprayer washdown area, manure storage area, livestock gathering area, slurry stores, silage stores)
RP29Self-supporting covers for slurry and anaerobic digestate stores
RP30Floating covers for slurry and anaerobic digestate stores
AQ1Automatic slurry scraper
AQ2Low ammonia emission flooring for livestock buildings
TE4Supply and plant a tree
TE5Supplement for use of individual tree-shelters

Applications for the Capital Grants Scheme must be submitted by midnight on 30th April 2021 and can be submitted in conjunction with a Mid Tier Wildlife Offer, or as a standalone application.

For more information or to find out how our Rural Property & Business department can help you please contact Katie Cross, Apprentice Rural Surveyor on 01234 362935 or email krc@robinsonandhall.co.uk