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Leading property auctioneer, Auction House Robinson & Hall, has applauded the resilience and ingenuity demonstrated throughout the sector over the last 18 months.

Charles Lovell, Head of Auction House Robinson & Hall, says that since the beginning of the pandemic, the industry has moved heaven and earth to continue to work for their sellers and buyers. This has involved embracing cutting edge technology which has powered the entire industry forward by at least five to ten years and has changed the way auctioneers conduct their businesses forever.

“As the pandemic begins to come under control and we are all getting used to living with Covid, we have since returned to the room to allow buyers the option to either bid in person or online.”

“Auction House has been in the vanguard of companies adapting to the new environment we all now live in, and by offering livestream and online auctions for the last 18 months has seen very impressive volumes of sales! We have offered 108 lots and sold 100 of them, a 93% success rate!”

As well as embracing new technology, we have learnt to be nimble on our feet and adapt to ever changing circumstances – for example days before our December auction in Milton Keynes, we were informed the hotel was to be used as a vaccine centre and that our booking was cancelled. Within hours a new venue had been booked and our database had been informed.

Charles added: “Auction House is one of many businesses across the country which has proved that it can rise to the challenge and become inventive and entrepreneurial. We should be proud of what has been achieved and look forward to the year ahead with confidence”.

The deadline to enter a lot into our next auction is Friday 28th January so don’t delay. To find out if your land or property is suitable, please contact 01234 362899 or email robinsonandhall@auctionhouse.co.uk