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Successful change of use from cattle shed to pilates studio
9 January 2017

Robinson & Hall are pleased to confirm that we have recently helped a client change the use of a vacant cattle shed into a pilates studio to accommodate a new family business next to their home.

We have written in the past about Permitted Development Rights that exist under Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order 2015. This provides the right to convert agricultural buildings into new residential dwellings provided a number of pre-conditions are satisfied.

There are, however, additional rights that exist that can increase the value of underused or redundant farm buildings. Class R allows for the conversion of agricultural buildings into a ‘flexible commercial use’ which can comprise shops, financial services, eateries, offices, storage uses, hotels or leisure uses (including, of course, pilates studios). If the unit you propose to convert is under 150 sq m in size then the process should be very straightforward in that you simply have to notify the local planning authority of specific details of your proposal before you commence work. If the building is larger than this (up to 500 sq m) there are some conditions that need to be satisfied but once again the process is not extensive.

Whilst commercial uses generally do not carry the same immediate value as residential dwellings their value as part of a varied portfolio of property should not be underestimated.

Robinson & Hall would be more than happy to advise on all opportunities that may exist to you to make more productive use of your agricultural buildings. Please call one of our planning experts.

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