Making the most of the Feed-in Tariffs

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Robinson & Hall facilitated the installation of a 11kW small scale wind turbine in Bedfordshire. After originally gaining planning permission for a smaller turbine the client decided to opt for a newer, more efficient model and planning was submitted in late 2010. Consent was obtained in early 2011 and the turbine was installed and commissioned in April 2011.

The Gaia 133 stands at just under 25 metres in height and is very efficient at low wind speeds unlike some of the other models on the market. It is estimated that the wind-turbine will produce around 20,300 kWh a year, enough to power just under five, three bedroom homes. The power will be used on the farm but also any excess will be exported to the grid to gain extra revenue for the client.

The client will now receive feed in tariff (FiT) payments for every kWh produced fixed at 28p for the next 20 years. Payments are also index linked (to RPI). In addition the client will also benefit from the savings to their electricity bills and the export price paid. The client should therefore pay off the capital invested in less than ten years.

Andrew Barr at Robinson and Hall has been involved with this project from the beginning. He states that “with a number of our clients looking into renewable technology at the moment there is no better encouragement for others than to see an example being installed and working well. We hope that this will become a regular sight on farms in the future to help mitigate against rising energy costs.”