Anaerobic Digestion — waste into money

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There is increasing press attention and government backing to this lesser known of the renewable energies.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is the process of products known as feedstuffs being turned into methane gas and a digestate. The feedstuff can be from a wide variety of products from grass and maize silage to supermarket food waste. The methane gas is burned in an engine to create electricity and the digestate is a valuable fertiliser containing not only nitrogen but phosphate and potassium.

The image above is the most commonly used image of AD as this was the first commercial waste plant in England. Our Building Surveying team both obtained planning consent and project managed the construction of this unit. The planning process was lengthy as this was a new technology, but, after a period of negotiation it was successful. The plant was started in 2005 and operational the following year. It has now been running successfully for many years.

Robinson & Hall have been involved in AD since 2003 and now work closely with the only UK based manufacturer. Due to this unique position and our extensive knowledge we can provide expert independent advice to landowners. Having a full understanding of AD means that we are aware of all the advantages of it and the challenges that need to be overcome to be successful.