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Property related disputes are on the up
23 October 2020

One consequence of working from home is that we have much more time to keep an eye on our property. Whether it is building works or noticing issues with property boundaries, this has led to an increase in property related disputes.

Get expert advice

Where disputes have arisen between property owners and contractors or neighbours, it is not always possible to settle these issues quickly and amicably.

With litigation on the rise, having a qualified property expert on hand is essential for providing professional, in-depth advice in the form of an expert witness report on the matter of contention.

How can we help?

At Robinson & Hall, our experience as independent Chartered Building Surveyors allows us to frequently provide expert witness advice for property related matters including:

  • Incomplete building works
  • Defective building works
  • Alleged poor workmanship
  • Damage due to neighbour’s building works
  • Disagreement over building costs

Expert Witness Reports

We regularly receive enquiries for expert witness representation for a wide variety of property related disputes. We can work either on behalf of one of the parties in dispute, or as a jointly appointed expert witness agreed between the parties. We are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and regularly prepare expert witness reports under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

Contact Us

If you are concerned about a property dispute and would like a professional opinion or an expert witness report, please contact Robert Franklin, Head of Architecture & Building Surveying.

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