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Planning secured on barn to dwelling
2 March 2017

Robinson & Hall are pleased to announce our most recent success in relation to Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order – agricultural buildings to residential dwellings. Specifically we have secured Prior Approval consent for the conversion of our client’s concrete portal frame barn to a residential dwelling, adding significant value to an underused agricultural building.

With each Class Q application that we undertake new themes and issues of importance emerge. Our Chartered Building Surveyors provided all the necessary additional information required to clarify matters and to address issues raised. Specifically, concerns were raised around the ability of the barn to support the structural works required for conversion. Our surveying team were well placed to provide all the additional information required to allay any doubts in the minds of Officers.

The approach taken to Class Q applications is slightly different to the normal planning application process. Commonly, planning applications should be supported by proportionate evidence only where there is a reasonable chance that a planning issue exists and requires identified mitigation i.e. the provision of roosts to overcome an impact on protected species.

In comparison, Class Q applications require the submission of a tick-list of evidence simply to remove reasonable doubt as to whether there is a planning issue in the first place. This removal of issues helps qualify the proposal as permitted development. This information may not need to be extensive but it will be required.

Put quite simply – if the Case Officer raises a concern with your proposal it is highly recommended that you provide sufficient information to overcome it. Otherwise they would be within their rights to refuse Prior Approval consent on the grounds of insufficient evidence demonstrating that it qualifies as permitted development.

Unlike a planning application there is no weighing up of the pros and cons, what is known as the ‘planning balance’. If your Prior Approval application fails any single test on the grounds of insufficient information, it will be refused.

Robinson & Hall are experts in identifying exactly what level of information is required to lead to a successful application and how to provide it. As always if you have a structurally sound agricultural building that you feel may be suitable for conversion we would be delighted to offer you advice and support.

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