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Planning secured for farmyard redevelopment
24 August 2016

Robinson & Hall submitted the application earlier this year, and planning permission has been granted for the conversion of traditional farm buildings to form three dwellings, together with five new dwellings on a site in Central Bedfordshire.

The farmyard is within the village envelope of Sutton in the north of the district and was no longer suitable for modern agricultural use. The timber boarded farm buildings are of substantial construction and will make an idyllic conversion on the edge of the village. The five new houses will replace the farmhouse, which is a 1960s detached house sitting within an acre of garden land.

Following a productive pre-application enquiry process we went about undertaking technical surveys for the site that would help support the planning application. Surveys were prepared for ecology, trees, contamination, noise and archaeology. Due to the seasonality of preparing ecological surveys, these were done before the pre-application enquiry was submitted. Front loading the process with technical work proved to be a good way to get ahead.

The trees on site are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, so the proposed development was designed around the trees to help protect and preserve them. The buildings were also orientated so that the noise from the nearby farming operations would not affect future residents.

In addition, during the planning application process the Government guidance was reinstated which allowed for a reduced level of affordable housing to be included in the scheme. This meant there was no longer the requirement to contribute to social rent or an intermediate affordable housing provision which improved the viability of the scheme and will add to its appeal when it comes to the market.

With an attractive scheme now granted we expect the site to come onto the market in autumn 2016.

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