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Milton Keynes draft Local Plan is published
28 February 2017

Milton Keynes Council has published a draft version of the new Local Plan known as Plan:MK 2016-2031.

The Plan was discussed at the Council Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 21st February, where Officers sought approval from Members for a 12 week public consultation. We understand that the resolution of the Cabinet was to approve Plan:MK for the consultation period.

Plan:MK follows on from a ‘strategic direction’ consultation in April 2016, and will replace the Core Strategy 2013, and the Local Plan 2005. The draft Plan proposes a housing requirement of 26,500 new homes and 27,500 new jobs over the period 2016 to 2031. There are already 19,725 dwellings in the pipeline and Plan:MK needs to identify sites to deliver an additional 6,775 dwellings.

The Plan focuses development on the existing urban area of Milton Keynes. There are a number of key locations beyond the existing built form that are recognised as being suitable for housing or employment development, including land to the South East, land at Eaton Leys, and significantly, to the east of the M1 and south of Newport Pagnell.

The Council do not expect the land on the east of the M1 to be delivered before the end of the Plan period (2031) as it would primarily be important to the emerging MK Future 2050 work and the East West growth corridor between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge.

In terms of the smaller settlements and villages in Milton Keynes district, the Council are encouraging rural parishes to bring forward Neighbourhood Plans within the next five years that include the ‘community’s aspirations to deliver new sustainable development’. This will continue to present opportunities for land promotion.

We expect the public consultation to begin in the next 4-6 weeks. As usual we will keep you informed of its progress and let you know of ways and opportunities to respond to the draft Plan and further promote your land. In the meantime should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of the planning team:

Call or email Andrew Barr on

01234 362926

Call or email Alex Munro on

01234 362891

Call or email Sarah Kasparian on

01234 362913

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