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Local Plan updates and opportunities for call for sites
25 September 2019

Local Plans are important as they set the planning policy framework for housing and employment during the plan period.

If you own land with development potential or are contemplating applying for planning application, it is worth keeping an eye on Local Plans and any potential changes. At Robinson & Hall, we monitor the progress of Local Plans across a number of Planning Authorities in our region. We keep our clients updated when important announcements are made and opportunities for making representations arise.

Several authorities in our region are currently working towards adoption of their Local Plan and a number of these have already signalled that they will embark upon an early review of their Plan, when adopted, to factor in increased housing numbers predicted in the Oxford to Cambridge growth corridor. These include:

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) Local Plan

The submission draft Local Plan 2035 Examination Hearings have recently finished and an update and timescales are expected from the Inspectors shortly. The anticipated Local Plan adoption timing is spring 2020 and CBC has confirmed that it will be working on an early part review of the Local Plan when adopted. This is likely to prompt a further call for sites from the Council as it seeks to identify sites to accommodate increased housing numbers.

Bedford Borough Council Local Plan

The Planning Inspectorate sent back Bedford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2030 for further review, saying it needs to do more to take into consideration future housing growth. The Examination Hearings are completed, and proposed modifications have now been published for consultation which expires 1st October 2019. The  Adoption of the Local Plan is anticipated early 2020.

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP)

The Inspector’s interim findings were published in 2018 with proposed modifications to the Plan published in September 2019 and the intention is to consider those representations (and the Council’s response to them) in November 2019. It is anticipated that Aylesbury Vale District Council will seek to identify additional sites for housing in the MK catchment area as part of its overall requirement to deliver increased housing numbers.

Milton Keynes Council (MKC) Local Plan

The MKC Local Plan was adopted on 20th March 2019. This covers the period up to 2031.  The Council has stated it is working on a new Plan which is scheduled for adoption in 2022. Again, there will be opportunities to put sites forward through a further call for sites from the Council and we will be notifying our landowner clients who are affected.

If you would like further information or to discuss opportunities to put forward your land for future development, please contact Andrew.

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