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Local church saved from timber decay
24 July 2019

Shillington Congregational Church was built in 1850s and over a period of time had been refurbished.  However, the congregation became increasingly concerned over the condition of the floor in the main chapel area.  Despite repeated attempts at resolving decay in the floorboarding, our clients had been unable to resolve the problem.

In January 2019 the church commissioned Stuart Brown, Building Surveyor at Robinson & Hall, to investigate the problem and provide a remedial solution. Our report determined that dampness in the sub-floor structure and ground was rising through the floor to sweat on the underside of plastic backed carpet tiles. This resulted in conditions ripe for fungal decay. The report recommended a complete replacement of the floor with a new concrete floor incorporating a damp-proof membrane and external wall damp-proof treatment.  In the interim, sections of the chapel were cordoned off to prevent people falling through the floor.

Following preparation of a specification and obtaining tenders from local contractors, we were instructed to oversee the construction work.  Repairs commenced at the end of April. During the work it was found that this remedial work had been carried out just in time as decay had begun to spread to the base of columns supporting the gallery.  After seven weeks’ work, the congregation can now use the chapel area.

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