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Full planning permission secured for substantial agricultural building
9 February 2017

Robinson & Hall are pleased to have secured full planning permission for a substantial 1,230 sq m agricultural building, sited within the Central Bedfordshire Green Belt.

The proposed building is to be situated in an area with a number of competing visual sensitivities. These relate to not only the Green Belt but the surrounding Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the adjacent conservation area and a variety of nearby listed buildings. Due to these issues our client received a resoundingly negative pre-application response.

The success of the application was therefore dependent on the preparation and submission of a significant suite of robust technical evidence.

Firstly, it was vital that the agricultural need for a building of such a scale could be demonstrated beyond doubt. An extensive argument was put forward to achieve this, centering around a detailed overview of the farm’s practices and its annual operation. This enabled us to establish the principle of the building.

Secondly, it was necessary to illustrate that the building would not cause significant harm to its setting. This was achieved through the submission of a coordinated library of information comprising a landscape and heritage assessment. The preparation of this information not only helped justify the scheme but shape its design to ensure visual impact was limited.

It is anticipated that our client’s building will now be on site for the 2017 harvest.

As both planning and agricultural experts Robinson & Hall are ideally placed to achieve permission for the buildings required to help you grow your own rural enterprise. We would be delighted to discuss your proposals in the event that you are seeking to secure additional space to allow your business to grow.

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