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Commercial property management and its benefits
16 July 2019

Managing your own commercial property can be a stressful, time consuming and frustrating experience where at times it can feel like the demands are outweighing the rewards. We can manage your commercial property and free up a lot of these issues, ensuring that the maximum rewards can be obtained.

Some key benefits of using us:

  • Liaising with tenants 

We build up a good working relationship with the tenant, gaining important information about the tenant’s business and predicting what they may need in the future. This helps with the future planning of the investment and encourages good tenants to stay at the property for much longer periods. 

  • Forward planning and maximising your investment and assets 

Our knowledge of the industry, of the tenant and the day to day workings of the property assist with the forward planning of your property to ensure the maximum is obtained. Managing each of the tenants and their upcoming lease events and expiry ensures that they are promptly and efficiently dealt with, gaining the maximum out of the property. It also assists with vacancies being kept at a minimum and shorter vacancy cycles. 

  • Knowledge of landlord’s compliance and statutory obligations 

We have detailed knowledge of the statutory requirements and areas of property compliance to ensure the landlord and property are fully compliant. 

  • Tenant screening 

Before selecting a new tenant, we ensure that in-depth background checks are completed on all areas of a perspective tenant’s business. This has proven to minimise future tenant issues and create a good tenant mix for your investment, leading to a higher quality tenant and better tenant retention. 

  • Manage the collection of monies and arrears

We make sure that all invoices are prepared and sent out well in advance, monitoring tenant’s payment history and promptly chasing arrears where necessary. This ensures a tighter rent collection and allows us to deal with any issues as soon as they arise.  

  • Continual property monitoring 

Through regular detailed inspections, inspection reports and photographic records, a detailed history of the condition of the property and tenant’s business patterns can be built up. This can assist with foreseeing a tenant’s business strategy and movements. 

  • Dealing with contractors and utility companies

Dealing with contractors can be a costly and time consuming process. We have a detailed supplier list of reputable and compliant contractors to supply competitive quotes. We will obtain comparative quotes, monitor the works and deal with any feedback from the tenant to ensure the job is completed to the highest standard at the most competitive cost. 

  • Reports and record keeping 

Having the type of report, the regularity and details of your choice can ensure you have the exact information for your records that you require. This can assist with financial planning and record keeping for your commercial property in a concise and regular way. We also keep detailed tenant records which are vital in the tenant management and forward planning of the property. 

  • Enforcing the lease terms 

There are times where it may be required to enforce the terms of the lease. By having us on board, we can review the lease and firmly and efficiently ensure that the terms of the lease are enforced. 

  • Pre-planning of works 

We can put together a detailed plan of the required upcoming works for the property to ensure costs are planned and expected, the property is well maintained and unexpected costs are kept to a minimum. 

All these key benefits inevitably improve landlord and tenant relations and ensure the landlord can be more impartial and the maximum is achieved out of the property. It allows the landlord to have more time to deal with other aspects of the business and investment. 

If you are considering using commercial property management please contact Tessa Smith.

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