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Check your Basic Payment Scheme 2015 statement today!
27 June 2016

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) have announced that all 2015 BPS claimants have now been paid some or all of the money they are due. We are aware of some situations where people still have not received any payment but these are now very few. However, there remain a considerable number of people who have not been paid correctly and we would urge everyone to check their 2015 claim statement to ensure it is correct.

From the large number of applications completed by Robinson & Hall in 2015 we have found that over 50% of the payments received are incorrect. Some are only a few pounds wrong but some are completely inaccurate with large penalties being applied. There does not seem to be a common formula for the incorrect payments with even the most simple of claims being processed incorrectly.

The RPA have asked that anyone who believes their payment is incorrect to contact them as soon as possible so they can look at the claim during what they are terming the “payment reconciliation process”. No timescale has yet been given for when top-up payments will be made but it is important to raise the issue now as, if a problem with the 2015 claim is missed, it could follow on into all future claims.

The European Agriculture Minister has given an extension to the BPS payment window to 15th October, instead of 30th June, to allow member states to overcome the payment issues they are encountering without penalty.

If you have concerns regarding the amount of Basic Payment you received in 2015 and you would like one of our team to look into it, please contact your local office and they will be able to assist.


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