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Central Bedfordshire Local Plan Update for June 2017
21 June 2017

The new Local Plan for Central Bedfordshire is making progress. It was resolved at the Council’s Executive Committee on 20th June, that the consultation on the draft Plan will start on 4th July for eight weeks.

The emerging Local Plan sets out the Council’s overall strategy for development in Central Bedfordshire up to 2035. It will address delivering much needed homes, jobs, services and facilities over that period. Taking account of 23,000 homes that are already due to be built in the area, there is need for an additional 20,000 to 30,000 new homes over the Plan period. In addition, more than 24,000 new jobs are needed, as well as road and rail improvements, new schools, shops, leisure and community facilities, and green spaces.

The draft version of the Local Plan has been published as part of the papers for the Executive Committee and is available online. It follows on from previous stakeholder workshops, call for sites, community planning exhibitions and ‘Shaping Central Bedfordshire’ consultation in late 2016.

We summarise the key proposals in the Local Plan below:

  • Deliver 20,000-30,000 new homes through several new villages, a new market town, and ‘moderate extensions’ to existing towns and villages;
  • Address the unmet housing need from Luton Borough;
  • Provide for significant growth in jobs over the plan period through existing and proposed employment sites, with a focus on the A1 corridor, M1 junctions 11a and 13, and as part of other regeneration schemes;
  • Balance the need for growth and infrastructure with the enhancement and protection of existing communities, landscape, heritage and countryside;
  • Redevelopment of brownfield sites including RAF Henlow, Tempsford Airfield and main town centres;
  • Focus significant new development in the form of new villages on the proposed new strategic east-west road and rail links;
  • Review the existing Green Belt boundaries to both allow for housing close to Luton, as well as extending it elsewhere where necessary; and
  • Provision for small scale growth in existing villages where this can be supported by schools, facilities and transport networks.

These key proposals and issues are supported by substantial technical work, which will be published when the public consultation begins. The public consultation presents opportunities to comment on the draft Local Plan in order to further promote your land for development.

If you would like to know more about the Local Plan’s progress please get in touch with one of the team today. 

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